Practice Information

Pullman Sports Physical Therapy (PSPT) was established in 1998 by physical therapist Mark D. Cleven.  PSPT became Pullman’s first private practice physical therapy clinic and quickly grew by meeting patients’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

At PSPT our comprehensive treatment approach is often unique in how it combines patient education, hands-on techniques, modalities, and innovative exercise programs.

Our Commitment to You:

  • One-on-one care with the same licensed physical therapist:  You will receive consistent, high quality care from the same licensed physical therapist throughout your rehabilitation.
  • Comprehensive biomechanical approach:   We look beyond your symptoms to the source of your problem by conducting a thorough evaluation and identifying what your deficiencies are.  We will design a customized program that is specific for your individual needs.
  • Patient focus:  You are an important partner in your own health care.  We will tell you our findings and your treatment options.  We will teach you techniques to use on your own and how to prevent further injuries.  Most importantly, we’ll get you back to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible with a better understanding of how your body works.
  • Experience:  Our physical therapists are the most experienced in the Pullman area.  Our experience, clinical expertise, and skills will save you time and money with faster results.

Meet our Staff