What is Physical Therapy at PSPT?

Physical therapists are the health care experts at identifying and correcting movement disorders which often lead to injuries or pain.  Inefficient movement and abnormal movement patterns are common.  Physical therapists are trained to look at your entire body and accurately determine why you move the way you do.  The expertise of a physical therapist can assist you in your journey for optimal physical health and fitness.

The physical therapists at PSPT utilize a comprehensive biomechanical approach which evaluates your posture, alignment, joint range of motion, flexibility, strength, coordination and biomechanics.  This information allows us to design a customized program that is specific for your individual needs.  Reducing suboptimal movement strategies by correcting postural faults, muscle imbalances, abnormal biomechanics, etc. allows for physical fitness goals to be more easily achieved and sustained.

Realize the Difference at PSPT.

Not all physical therapy approaches are the same. Our experience, clinical expertise, hands-on skills and comprehensive approach sets us apart from other providers. We look forward to assisting you to be your best.