Services We Offer

We treat patients of all ages with musculoskeletal impairments, from young children to the elderly, experiencing a wide range of problems.  Sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, work injuries, over-use injuries, sprains and strains and post surgical care is what we treat.


Problems We Treat

Low Back Pain * Sacroiliac Joint Pain * Hip & Pelvic Pain * Disc Problems * Neck and Shoulder Pain * Headaches * Rib Dysfunction * Knee & Ankle Pain * Foot Pain * Plantar Fasciitis * Tendonitis/Tendonosis

Areas of Expertise:

Sports Medicine Rehabilitation * Spine Rehabilitation * Running Injuries * Primal Reflex Release Technique * Manual Therapy * Joint Mobilization * Strain Counterstrain/Positional Release * Soft Tissue Mobilization * Myofascial Release * TMR Total Motion Release * Functional Rehabiliation

Each patient receives a thorough evaluation and is give a treatment plan specific to their individual needs.  Discussion of the findings from the evaluation allows the patient to make choices regarding their treatment options.

Our comprehensive approach is what typically sets us apart from other providers and achieves the results our patients have been looking for.  Our expertise with biomechanics and hands-on techniques facilitates pain relief and functional recovery, allowing for movement and exercise without pain.

All of our patients are educated regarding their conditions and receive a home exercise program with an emphasis on giving them control over their symptoms.  Our goal is to make you independent of us as soon as possible with a good long-term result.